Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her:

If you are looking for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, do not wait too long or you will be in a panic and pick something that is rushed and not thought out. My top 10 Valentine’s Gift ideas for her are usually on every woman’s wishlist.

Note: I will try my best to make sure there is something for everyone here. Let me know via comments if you have additional ideas you think I have missed.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Handbags, Jewelry to Sneakers:

1.) Chanel handbag – For the woman who loves a designer handbag and already owns the classic Chanel quilted flap bag, my suggestion is for you to pick her up the Chanel Gabrielle bag in the coveted always sold out on the wait list medium size black Chanel Gabrielle bag. This bag is perfect for the on trend fashionable woman to use for all her essentials. This bag is crossbody bag, a shoulder bag, and can even be worn as a belt bag. Get her the Chanel Gabrielle bag.

Top 10 Valentine's day Gift ideas Top 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

2.) Cartier Love Bracelet – Jewelry is always a classic Valentine’s Day gift and there are so many great options. THE Valentine’s Day gift to get this season is the Cartier small love bracelet which is about $2,000 less than the classic Cartier love bracelet. This bracelet has quite a few benefits including the fact that it can be secured on the wrist without the assistance of another person. This is a great gift for the busy woman who does not have time to find someone to help them take the bracelet on and off. It’s smaller daintier size also gives her the option of layering up an arm party so that she can wear multiple gold bangles on her wrist without feeling like one bracelet overwhelms the other. Buy her the Cartier small love bracelet here.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for her Top 10 Valentine's Day gifts for her Top 10 Valentine's day Gifts for her



3.) Ulla Johnson Blouse – A great option for that special woman with impeccable taste is a pretty black blouse from Ulla Johnson. She will wear this blouse with everything from ripped denim jeans in the summer to black trouser or a skirt to go out for a Valentine’s Dinner or with denim jeans for brunch on the weekend. This blouse is also on sale now. Get the Ulla Johnson black blouse for her so she has something new to wear to dinner on Valentine’s Day evening. Another alternative if you want to get her a blouse is a navy blouse with stars from Velvet by Graham and Spencer here.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for her

4.) Fuzzy Pink Sweater – If you special gal loves fluffy sweaters, check out this pretty in pink faux fur pink sweater that is the perfect shade of light pink for Valentine’s Day. This sweater was found in a size 13/14 in the kids section online, however there are is a version for adults here. Either way, this sweater or the other version are both really pretty and a great gift for under $20. Get the Fuzzy pink sweater here if she can wear a 13/14 which is also a size xs. Or get a version here in a cream color in other sizes. Michael Stars also makes an amazing faux shearling reversible vest for under $200 here. If you are looking for a shearling coat for her, there are options here.

Top 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

5.) Isabel Marant Sneakers – If she likes designer sneakers, now is a good time to find some on sale too. My favorite designer sneakers are the ones from Isabel Marant with the designer’s name looking like it was written out on Sharpie on the side of the sneakers. These cool looking sneakers will be a conversation starter whenever she wears them. I found them on sale too so you can pick them up for 40% off here. There are many other designer sneakers on sale online and I did a round up recently that you can check out here.

Top 10 valentine's day gifts for her

6.) Rose Gold Ankle Boots – Gold is always a good idea on Valentine’s Day and if you are not going to get her the Cartier rose gold bracelet above, why not get her a pair of Rose Gold ankle boots for $33?  These rose gold ankle boots are real winners. I love the way they look and for the price, they are a steal.

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts for her

7.) Engraved Personalized Signet Ring – A ring may be a little touchy on Valentine’s Day if you are not married, however, if you are married or engaged or if this does not seem like a big deal, get her an engraved personalized signet ring. An engraved personalized gold filled signet ring for under $90 is a very cool gift for your Valentine. It tells her you did not find her gift at the last minute and that you really thought it through. It is also a very of the moment on trend piece. Get the engraved personalized signet ring here now.

Top 10 Valentine's Day gifts ideas for her

8.) Silver Sneakers, boots, and shoes – Since silver seems to be the color choice for the 2018 Grammys in New York City tonight, maybe a great gift idea for your loved one this Valentine’s Day is a pair of silver shoes. I am loving the Balenciaga silver boots available at A silver glitter pair from Keds tennis sneakers are also a great looking alternative she can wear all of the time. Get the Keds glitter sneakers for under $90 here.

Top 10 Valentine's Gift ideas for her

9.) Le Californienne Cartier or Rolex watch – The Le Californienne customized Rolex or Cartier timepieces are for the woman who has all the classic watches in her collection and wants something that sets her apart. These are all vintage watches that were updated with an edgy customized painted striped strap that can be worn casually or dressed up. This timepiece is available here.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for her

10.) Marc Jacobs Lip Crayon – The Marc Jacobs lip crayon is one of the newest lip crayons on the beauty market and has one of the prettiest pink lip stains out right now. The lip crayon has a smooth application and will be the perfect color for Valentine’s Day. If your Valentine is a beauty products lover, get her a few of these.

Top 10 Valentine's Gift Ideas for her

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