Pink Puffer Jacket Hoodies for Winter Rainy Days

Pink Puffer Jacket Hoodies:

Pink Puffer Hoodie JacketPink Puffer jacket hoodies are perfect for winter rainy days. I love wearing brighter colors in the winter. When it is constantly cloudy and overcast in the winter months, it is always nice to wear a bright color. I found quite a few pink options for puffer jackets this winter season and I wanted to share my options with you. Some of them are perfect for apres ski and some are just perfect for hanging out in the city. If you live in a city like New York City or Chicago, it is definitely nice to be able to stand out in the crowd and wear something other than black.

It seems everyone wears black all of the time now, but it would be great if people can have a few colorful options in their closet as well.

Pink Puffer Hoodie Jacket Options:

Scroll through the looks below and click the links to shop the different looks. Prices range from $87 to $540. My favorite is actually the Calvin Klein version with the detachable fur trimmed hood for $119.99 below. My second choice is the Asos $87 ultimate puffer jacket in the light pink There are so many options you cannot really go wrong. Which one do you like? Comment below.

Other Color Options like Lilac Puffer Coats and Black Puffer Coats:

If you are looking for lilac purple options, I am loving a lilac puffer coat that I blogged about in a previous post a few days ago here. If you still want your black puffer coat options, I have a few here. One of my wishlist black puffer coat options is this black puffer from Balenciaga. My other favorite black puffer coat option is this one by Burberry. Whatever color you decide to buy, a puffer jacket is essential for these winter months. It is cold outside whether you are in California or New York.

Calvin Klein – Puffer Short with Detachable Fur Trimmed Hood Women’s Coat • Calvin Klein • 
River Island Womens Pink faux fur hood oversized puffer jacket • River Island •
Moncler Ghany Shiny Quilted Puffer Vest • Moncler •
ASOS Petite ASOS PETITE Ultimate Puffer Jacket • Asos •
Women’s Halogen Hooded Puffer Jacket • Halogen •
Calvin Klein Performance Faux-Fur-Trimmed Hooded Puffer Coat • Calvin Klein •
Women’s Marc New York Stripe Trim Packable Down Jacket • Andrew Marc •
Moncler Danae Quilted Puffer Coat • Moncler •

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