The Perfect Black Cashmere Sweater

Sometimes it is tough to find the perfect black cashmere sweater. I have searched everywhere and recently found a few I really like. The perfect black cashmere sweater cannot have too many bells and whistles and cannot be too tight, too long, too wide, or too low cut. The simpler the design the harder it is to find the right one with the right cut.

Here are some of my favorites including the one by Christin Michaels I am wearing in the photo when I went to Grand Central Market a week ago. I wore the black cashmere sweater with my Linda Farrow sunnies, Nili Lotan cropped ankle zip army green pants, Irene Neuwirth earrings, Bandolier Chanel chain iPhone case, Chanel black backpack, and Alexander McQueen platform white sneakers. Other picks for black sweaters that I really like include the Joe Fresh black cashmere sweater, and the Equipment black cashmere sweater. If you like stars, my favorite black cashmere sweater with stars is one by Chinti & Parker.