Isabel Marant Shearling Wedge Boots NOW

No Better time than now to get a pair of Isabel Marant Shearling lined wedge boots for apres ski. There is still at least a month left in the ski season and for sure a month left of winter. Whether you are suffering through the polar vortex or planning to travel to Aspen, France, Tahoe, or Vermont to go skiing this winter, make sure you bring a pair of these ultra shearling lined warm and cozy Isabel Marant Nowles boots that will take the place of your Ugg boots. I love my Uggs but if you want to look stylish this winter while you are out apres ski or just walking around the city you need to get a pair of these because they have a 3.5 inch hidden wedge in them. With that much more height suddenly you won’t have to look like a snowman in your apres ski jacket and you can look long and lean. Kate Hudson is a big fan of these boots and she has even been seen wearing them at LAX with a short sleeve tee shirt and a wrap. You can wear these anytime your feet are a little bit cold. Finally you will have a pair of boots that you can wear instead of your Uggs through the spring of 2015 and into fall.

Isabel Marant Shearling Nowles boots available here now in black and in brown.