La Californienne Vintage Cartier Watch

La Californienne Vintage Cartier Watch

La Califorinienne Vintage Cartier watch These vintage Cartier and Rolex watches are refurbished and given a new life with updated fresh leather straps by a couple in Downtown Los Angeles. I love the look of these leather straps because they update the classic Rolex and Cartier watches. If you already have a classic Cartier or a classic link Rolex watch, why not have some fun and get one of these watches?

La Californienne Vintage Cartier and Rolex Watch options here:

Le Californienne Vintage Cartier watch here.

Le Californienne Vintage Rolex watch here.

Wear one of these watches with a great Ulla Johnson ruffle sweater and a pair of A.P.C trousers and boots and you have a great menswear look for fall.

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