Splendid Jumpsuits at Smorgasburg Los Angeles

Splendid Jumpsuits at the Smorgasburg Los Angeles Food Truck Sundays

When it is hot outside like it was in Los Angeles today, the best thing to wear is a jumpsuit. My favorite is the Splendid jumpsuit that comes in a variety of colors. The easy light fabric and the pull on design keeps you cool and unfettered and looking pretty.

The off the shoulder ruffle design of the jumpsuit makes it easy to look dressed up when you want to wear the jumpsuit with heels or dressed down and pretty when wearing flat sandals.

Here are some Splendid Jumpsuits I found on Sale to wear at the Smorgasburg Los Angeles

The off the shoulder jumpsuit I am wearing is from Splendid and comes in a few different colors.

The Splendid black jumpsuit is available at Zappos.com

The Splendid chambray blue colored jumpsuit is available at Bloomingdales.com

The Splendid coral colored jumpsuit is available at Splendid.com

I love the jumpsuit so much in black, I am actually considering a few more colors since there is still 6 long weeks left in this long hot summer.

Coconut acai bowl is from Amazebowls at Smorgusburg Los Angeles.


Additional outfit details: Bandolier all black studded iPhone case from sweatnsk.com, Chanel all black boy bag is available at RealReal.com, and Alice + Olivia sunglasses available at Nordstrom.com.