Museum of Ice Cream Outfit of the Day

Alice + Olivia Amaris lace shorts We spent our Sunday at the Museum of Ice Cream and it did not disappoint. As soon as you arrive into the Museum of Ice Cream you are greeted with a beautiful pink entrance where you are immediately given a Dove dark chocolate. From there you are lead into a very Instagram friendly pink room with pink telephones that give you directions on the rest of your visit. After the photos with the pink telephones, you enter a room with pink wall paintings and a room full of pink palm tree with cone shaped trunks. In this room you get to have salted caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw.

From that room you enter a room with pink and yellow bunches of bananas hanging from the ceiling an a scratch and sniff banana wall and a banana swing. This room is so much fun you will want to stay there. However, you will need and want to enter the next room which is filled with mint plants that they used to make the mochi mint chocolate chip ice cream. The guide tells you about how they infused the dirt with chocolate so that the mint leaves are also infused with a chocolate flavor before they make the mint ice cream. Everyone gets a half a mochi to sample. It is incredible.

Next, you enter a room where there are giant gummy bear statues and you get a handful of gummy bears to snack on and then you enter a room with charcoal infused cookie dough and sculptures of black ice cream on cones on the wall. Next you enter the sprinkles pool made out of plastic and you are allowed to swim in it without your shoes. It is probably one of the best rooms in the whole museum. From there you exit into a room with an ice cream sandwich swing and are given pink buttermilk pancakes with vanilla ice cream inside. The experience was amazing and I would go again if I could get tickets again. I highly recommend the Museum of Ice Cream.

What we wore:

Alice + Olivia lace shorts at

Keds sneakers at

Splendid sleeveless top and shorts at

Helen Kaminski visor at

Alice + Olivia Sunglasses at

Marc Fisher platform sandals at

Chanel boy bag at