Birkenstocks Candy Colored Jelly Sandals for Summer

Birkenstock-white-jelly-sandalsIn case you have not seen these, I am in love with the Birkenstock candy colored jelly sandals for summer. Just as comfortable as their cousins, these jelly sandals are $34.95 and come in all their popular styles in a range of candy colors from pink, yellow, white to navy. You cannot just own 1 pair this summer, you will want a few pairs. This way you don’t have to wear your Birkenstocks to the beach or to the pool, take these instead because they will dry quickly and are meant to get wet. Which one will you choose?

Birkenstock white jelly sandals here.

Birkenstock yellow jelly sandals here.

Birkenstock yellow jelly sandals

Birkenstock pink jelly sandals here.

Birkenstock pink jelly sandals

Birkenstock navy jelly sandals here.

Birkenstock navy jelly sandals