Ruffle Tops and Pitchforks in Museums

Ruffle top Yesterday we spent the day at The 14th Factory Museum in downtown Los Angeles. It was a super hot day and I wanted to make sure that I was dressed appropriately to view all the Simon Birch exhibits without overheating. At 84 degrees at 3PM in the afternoon on the last day of April, I was very hot even while wearing my all cotton ruffle top and cotton army pants.

The exhibits were interesting and included a re creation of the Stanley Kubrick room from the 2001 Space Odyssey movie, a very disorienting film of bodies going around and around in circles while you walked through a dark room, airplane wings in water, a dying grass meadow, a room full of pitchforks, and a woman knitting while conversing with anyone who wanted to converse. It was definitely an exhibit created to evoke emotions. The Space Odyssey room required you to take off your shoes to enter the room so my advice to you if you are to go to the museum is to wear flip flops.

Pitchfork Museum Los Angeles

Here is what I wore:

J Crew ruffle black cotton top

Nili Loton army green pants

Bandolier iPhone holder

Chanel cocoon backpack

Hermes Medor watch pre owened available at and new available at

Alexander McQueen platform sneakers at

Alice + Olivia sunglasses

Miguel Ases turquoise chandelier earrings