Gucci Channels Elvis in Vegas

Gucci as elvis jacketGucci is now channeling Elvis in Vegas for their spring 2017 looks. Their shoes are platforms that look like something Elvis or Liberace would have worn during the 70’s in concert in Las Vegas. Their jackets are over the top with bug motifs all over them. I just do not understand who will be buying these jackets, pants, or shoes from Gucci this season unless they are Lady Gaga performing at Coachella. The oddest has got to be the gold platform shoes with the gems on them. They almost harken back to a style of shoe that Mozart may have worn during this time when men wore platforms.

Here are my picks for oddest from Gucci this season – the Gucci as Elvis or Liberace jacket seen above, the Gucci gold platform shoes, the Gucci colorblock platforms seen below, and the Gucci sandal with the latex sock also seen below. What are your picks? Make a comment.

Gucci latex sandal

Gucci colorblock platforms