Logo Tees Tease

logo teesBalmain logo teeGucci brought back the logo tee mania and now every designer is jumping on the bandwagon. I guess what is great about it is if you are willing to pay $550 for a tee, people should know the name of the designer you are wearing right? Some of my favorites actually don’t have their logos on the tees, but they do their tees in a fun cool way. My very favorite is by Miu Miu because it is made to look like a top with collar and silk neck tie. It is casual and dressy at the same time. Of course who can blame you if you do like the Gucci logo tee. Nothing wrong with that either. It is  great take on the vintage classic.

Now the Vetements oversized Hanes tee with the word “staff” on it, I just do not get. But, maybe that is like the Gucci fur mule I didn’t get until a few days ago. If you get it will you enlighten me?

I really do love the Balmain Paris black sweatshirt though. As far as a logo top goes, this one is pretty cool. My favorite is the Balmain tank top with the gold buttons on the shoulders. This is pretty special I must say. Worst one is the Saint Laurent logo tee with the logo right in the middle of an overized white tee. Don’t get it. Last, this ruffled Marques’ Almeida Ruffled tee is also very special. It can be dressed up with a fun skirt or dressed down with jeans. Would you wear any of these?