Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers

alexander-mcqueen-platform-sneakersBetween working and well working, somehow I missed out on these Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers that look like those classic Stan Smith Sneakers from Adidas except with a brilliant 2 inch platform that gives us petite gals a little bit of height. There hasn’t been too much chatter about them online and I am not sure if it is because they came out mid summer or because they sold out so fast, I am seeing online that they are all coming back in soon with pre orders available all over the interweb, so if you are like me and missed out the first time around, I suggest you pre order them or order them here and get them to your house in 2 business days and start wearing them everywhere ASAP including that walking trip this holiday season to Mexico, Paris, or Aspen.

Photo credit: Pinterest