Roberto Marroni Diamond Pave Earrings

Roberto Marroni Diamond Earrings are handcrafted piece by piece by the artisan himself. All the diamonds are placed with a unique pattern and colors of diamonds and there are no two pieces that will ever be alike. One of my favorite pieces is the 18K rose gold circular drop pave diamond earrings with over 2 carats of a combination of rose white and cognac diamonds.

Need an incredible piece for a wedding or big event this season? Get a piece that will last a lifetime. These Roberto Marroni diamond pave earrings are a piece of art that you will wear whenever you are given the opportunity.

Roberto Marroni diamond pave earrings for $7750.

If you are looking for the look of these earrings without splurging too much, take a look at a few suggestions I found below. The suggestions are not the same type of craftsmanship, but at a fraction of the price, they can be a great substitute for the real diamond and gold piece seen here.

Fossil vintage glitz disc earrings for $43.99.

For the drop earring look like the Robert Marroni earrings above, the Fossil drop pave earrings are a pretty close look for $48.

The Fossil rose gold pave drop earrings are pretty fabulous for $48.

One of my favorites is the Vince Camuto hematite pave drop earrings for $38.