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MBT black weight loss shoes

on August 18th, 2009
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The feet are really the wheels to the mind. I have been walking daily in the am and I find my thoughts have been much clearer and more organized. Recently, I bought myself a pair of MBT Tunisha Black Leather Mary Jane shoes to facilitate my new walking regime and I am loving them. My posture has been better and my leg muscles are more toned.

Aside from just plain eating less and healthier, I think shoes like these MBT maryjanes do make a difference. Unlike the other brands which claim they do the same thing, these shoes do have a special Masai technology that works the different muscles in your body. Just walking around daily doing errands, I have found they are adding a new healthy dimension to my lifestyle.

Lots of celebrities have been wearing their MBT Footwear everywhere too. Debra Messing was quoted in Shape Magazine talking about these shoes aiding in her after birth weight loss. Click the photos below to check them out for yourself.

I have checked everywhere and by far the best prices are online. You save with free shipping and no tax. Click the photos below to see all the different styles.

MBT - Tunisha (Black Leather) - FootwearMBT - M.Walk (Silver) - FootwearMBT - Changa (Birch) - Footwear

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