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Prada Leather Wedge Sneakers in White

on February 5th, 2013
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I have seen every high top wedge sneaker style out there and this one caught my eye because it is just so awesome. They actually look like a pair of sneakers that I owned from Adidas at one point – you know that clean looking sneaker with just 3 stripes on the side you can play tennis with?

Anyhow, the fact that Prada took that very clean looking model and put in a 3 inch hidden wedge and added white patent leather and their Prada touches makes this sneaker very special indeed. The big plus is the wedge of course but the look of the sneaker is definitely a must have for Spring 2013. Say you are petite and want a little more height for when you go out or when you are just out and about, why not get these?

These look like sneakers not a pair of shoes that have heels. You can run around wearing these with a pair of LuLuLemon wonderunder crop pants and a black sweater and you will look so cool. OR you can wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and a fun button up top and you are all set to go. However you wear it, these are cool.

Get the Prada Wedge Sneakers in White Leather now for Spring 2013.

Here I am wearing them at my daughter’s tennis practice yesterday.

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