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Striped Maritime Top and Wedge Sneakers – What to Wear NOW

on February 1st, 2013
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In case you are wondering what you can wear during this in between season of winter and going to be Spring soon where you are still freezing but you want to incorporate some of your spring clothing or some spring trends into your look, why not wear what is hot for spring which is a striped maritime nautical top by Gap, pair of black coated DL1961 Emma Jeans in black, and a pair of wedge sneakers by Monika Chiang. If there are two must own items this season it is the wedge sneakers and the striped top.

First the striped maritime top – the reason you must own a striped top and a striped dress this season is because stripes are classic, trendy and modern at the same time. Think Audrey Hepburn and then think Gwen Stefani – both would be seen in a striped top but the look is so versatile it can fit opposite styles.

The wedge sneaker is a must own because you can look about 3 inches taller without wearing heels during this snowy and rainy winter season. This way you won’t have to worry about getting wet from the rain or getting too cold and you can still look cool when you are out on the weekends at a bar or restaurant. Wedge sneakers come in all colors and styles so you can buy a pair that is more like a pump for those nights when you want to go out with a heel without looking like you are trying too hard. OR buy a more casual everyday wedge for those of you who want to look taller while you are strolling in Soho with your bff or boyfriend or husband or when you go to your friend’s house for a Superbowl party this Sunday. Whatever the look you want to achieve, the wedge sneaker is the way to go and here to stay.

Buy the Gap striped shirt here now.

Buy the Monika Chiang wedge sneakers here now.

Buy the DL1961 Emma Coated Denim jeans here now.

Other favorites:

Striped Jersey Top with contrasting stripes and sleeves for $25.99 at Gap.


Maritime Striped Boatneck Top in Navy for $44.99 from

Ash Cool Ter Wedge Sneakers are one of my favorite other pair of wedge sneakers besides the ones by Monika Chiang …The Ash are $295.

The Monika Chiang Wedge Sneakers are definitely my favorites of all the wedge sneakers because they do not show the wedge as much as some of the other sneakers so you actually look taller without looking like you are wearing wedges if that makes sense. The Monika Chiang sneakers come in lots of fun colors as well. One of my favorites have a pink neon lace. Get the Monika Chiang sneakers for $385.

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