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What to Buy NOW for FALL 2013

on July 29th, 2013
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What to Buy NOW for FALL 2013 – It is only July 28, 2013 you tell yourself. The stores have fall fashion in now, but you will try to ignore it until it is cold. I want to do that too. But think of it as good planning. Don’t wait until it is freezing before running out to get a pair of boots or that great winter coat. Then you will just buy a bunch of stuff you don’t want like when you are hungry and run to shop for food at the grocery store. Strategically and methodically plan your purchases for Fall 2013 now and you will be happy later.

Here are some of my picks for fall 2013.

1. Lanvin knee high riding boots for $1,590.

2. Red Valentino black coat with white trim and gathered waist – $1171.50

3. J Kennedy Cashmere Sweater for $248

4. Chanel boy bag in gorgeous bright green OR Chanel lego bag – call Chanel boutiques

5. Michael Kors black sunglasses for $99

6. Turquoise pop of color coral bracelet found at Flea Market

7. Isabel Marant black cashmere scarf for $455

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Obsessed with Isabel Marant – WHAT to BUY NOW

on July 15th, 2013
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Obsessed with Isabel Marant – WHAT to BUY NOW – so you may have seen Naomi Watts wearing that Etoile Isabel Marant dress at a John Varvatos event and you may have seen a few other style bloggers wearing another pair of Etoile Isabel Marant floral jeans on Instagram. What are you lusting for right now? Here is what I cannot get enough of right now. What is your favorite?

Here is what I love about Isabel Marant and this dress is the epitome of what I love – this Parisian looking floral keyhole halter dress is just what I want for a great night out during the summer where I can stroll from drinks to dinner either in Europe somewhere or on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles or in Tribeca in New York City. Whatever it is this great paisley print dress is exactly the right dress.

Isabel Marant paisley dress for $1,270.

For those of you who pine for what the style bloggers are wearing, I think everyone seems to be gravitating towards this particular pair of floral paints at the moment. I was in Soho checking out the Isabel Marant boutique this past week and saw these pants, I have to say – I see what all the fuss is about – the pants are – different – and pretty and go great with a pair of ankle sandals and a white top and everyone would know you were wearing Isabel Marant and isn’t that kinda the point?

Isabel Marant floral pants $670 on sale for half off.

Isabel Marant sandals – look at her signature look for the season which is a studded ankle sandal. I like it – little bit rock and roll. You like it? Isabel Marant studded sandals $1035.

For those of you who like something a little more subtle – I love the Isabel Marant buckle ankle sandals for $730.

I saw this on my friend at the Isabel Marant store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles and I loved it on her. I see this as a great everyday dress that you can wear to work and out at night. It is easy to wear and will be very work appropriate too. Isabel Marant Marine Diamond Print dress for $690.

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