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Monika Chiang Neon Wedge Sneakers A MUST FOR WINTER

on December 3rd, 2012
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I had the pleasure of meeting Monika Chiang over a year ago when she first opened her Monika Chiang boutique on Robertson in Los Angeles and I knew from that first look that her collection was going to be a winner. What she does in her collection is gives the consumer the ability to buy pieces that they would otherwise find cost prohibitive in the marketplace. For example I own a pair of her leather pants with the side zips and the design and leather she used would have cost double from a different designer. The same goes for her Monika Chiang Neon Wedge Sneakers which are a must for winter. Similar quality and styling from a certain French designer Isabel Marant would cost $775 and that is if you can find the right color combo and size in stock since they are almost always sold out.

Monika Chiang has created a cool edgy neon wedge sneaker with just the right amount of color to give it that 80’s rapper cool with the thick laces and added the hidden 3 inch wedge to give you the height advantage you want even in a sneaker. Her sneakers are definitely very comfortable and you look so hip and stylish in them too. Celebrities have been seen wearing all color combinations and variations of these wedge sneakers and they are definitely here to stay. After all what girl does not want to be 3 inches taller without being too obvious?

buy the Monika Chiang wedge neon sneakers now for $395 and get $50 off your purchase from Intermix.

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