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Kardashians VSA Jewelry at Kitson LA

on May 13th, 2010
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Los Angeles, CA – May 11th, 2010 Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Karashian made an appearance at Kitson on Robertson to launch their new collection with Virgins, Saints and Angels. 

After live twittering the event from beginning to end. I had a chance to interview the three Kardashian sisters with a few members of the media. I asked them what inspired their jewelry line. Kourtney answered it was inspired by their Armenian heritage since they are half Armenian. She said that “the jewelry line gave them an opportunity to research and learn about their Armenian heritage.” The next question I asked was how their partnership with VSA began. Khloe answered that VSA approached them with the idea and they worked together to design a line that represented their Armenian heritage. Kim mentioned that the 3 points on the jewelry represented the 3 sisters. The last question I asked was “Why do you think everyone likes you gals so much?” Khloe answered “That is very flattering that everyone wants to watch us on television and we love what they do and feel very grateful for all the opportunities that have come our way.” Khloe also talked about how she stayed in shape and mentioned she hiked and varied her workouts and also took Quicktrim.

In between questions, the sisters discussed who was going to the Bebe event the next day and Kourtney realized that she was going to be in Chicago for a meeting for her new supplements line. They also joked that Kim is so used to answering interview questions that she naturally answered every question. Khloe said that “Kim needed to give Kourtney a chance to speak too because she felt left out.” They all looked beautiful in person wearing their fitted Bebe outfits. And they are really good at what they do. They are great marketers, entrepreneurs, and spokespeople. Every answer to every interview question was effortless and they were all smiles for photos and meeting their very ecstatic fans. One fan even brought a Mrs. Bieber t shirt as a joke for Kim Kardashian about the Justin Bieber twitter flirtation that happened a few weeks ago after they met at the White House. If you don’t know, a few of Justin Bieber’s fans sent death threats to Kim because they believed she stole their man. Kim joked to Khloe “should I wear this out?” Khloe did not reply. Kim handed the shirt to someone who worked with her and said “Please help me hold this.” It was obvious the Kardashians love what they do and they do really appreciate all their fans.

Access Hollywood went through the press line and got in a few questions. No personal questions were answered. Only questions related to their VSA jewelry line,  Bebe clothing, and Quicktrim were answered. Nightline was there filming a segment called “A day in the life of the Kardashians” to be aired at a future date.

I took photos of the VSA Kardashians pieces that Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney wore at the event. Take a look at the photos below so you can channel your inner favorite Kardashian sister.

The event ended with a long line waiting outside for the Kardashians. They only had an hour to meet people and sign photos, but they could not get everyone in to meet with them. Disappointed fans waited outside with cameras in hand hoping to snap a photo of the Kardashians as they exited into their waiting black Lincoln Navigator. Security guards had to push the crowd back to make an aisle for the Kardashian sisters and mom Kris to exit. The paps were trying to get their photos on the way out.

Two necklaces were designed exclusively for Kitson and purchase of these served as admission to meet and greet with the girls. The Kardashian sisters were very excited about the jewelry line and greeted their fans- who were just as excited to meet them!

All three are wearing clothing from the bebe-Kardashian line and jewelry from their line: Kardashians for Virgins Saints and Angels.

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