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Michael Kors Santorini Raffia Tote

on April 29th, 2012
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Straw raffia and turquoise leather with gold hardware.


What I love about Michael Kors? Well, his self-named label makes everything from sportswear to evening gowns to tote bags. His lines are so versatile and wearable that you see them on A-listers and in your office building. His new collection of tote bags for summer manages to be casual and cool while also being classy enough to wear to any poolside party.


Kors’s straw raffia and turquoise leather bag is great for summer. It’s light so it won’t be too bulky even with your iPad, magazines and sunscreen in it. It’s colorful and can brighten any pool dress or swimsuit. As expected, Michael Kors does a great job with detail the gold hardware dresses the bag up from your usual raffia bag but doesn’t overpower or weigh the look down. Best of all, it’s casual- so you don’t have to worry about looking overdressed by the pool. Straw bags were a hit at Coachella and will be a staple at beaches and pools everywhere this summer.


If you need a new beach bag or casual tote then the Michael Kors Santorini Raffia Tote is the way to go. Speaking of beach bags, it even has two drop pockets as well as an inside zip pockets to store your keys and wallet while you’re lounging on the sand. You won’t ever need to throw your keys into a beach bag again and risk losing them while you’re trying to tan.

Michael Kors Santorini Raffia Tote for $495 from Neiman Marcus.

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