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Turquoise blue tunic dress essential

on June 7th, 2009
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Summer is my favorite time of the year. My house is full of sea motifs such as hurricane lamps, sea shells, and white. This summer I am working on turning my house into a beach house year round.

As I was searching for the perfect summer outfits for my next summer vacation, I found my 3 summer essentials all in one place. I love the color of sky blue for summer and this turquoise blue summer tunic kaftan is just the go to piece you will love for summer at the beach and summer dinners at the beach.

My next pick which I own in 2 fabulous colors is the turquoise tunic top. It is great with white jeans and black leggings with flats. This will become your go to top all year round. Last, don’t forget nautical this season and forever. The stripes are very Parisian and nautical all at once. This orange stripe updates the look with a contemporary feel. I love these 3 pieces. I own these 3 pieces. I thought you might want them for your summer travels as well.

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