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Acrylic Monogram Tray for the Vanity

on September 25th, 2014
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Acrylic Monogram Tray for the Vanity. Have you ever wanted one and then looked everywhere and could not find one? I happened to be searching all over Google one day and found this one. Pretty nifty with the monogram and in a clear acrylic it is just the right type of look for a post modern bedroom with tufted headboard. 

I love the versatility of a clear acrylic tray to add my perfumes and daily jewelry in order to stay organized and for quick access.

The other reason I love this tray is simply because it is a great looking display piece on top of your vanity. Mine was empty before this piece and now it just adds that special touch and changes the look in that area.

Acrylic Mongram Tray for $24.

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