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Intrade ….Have you seen this?

on May 12th, 2008
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If Intrade is not the coolest thing I have ever seen? I don’t know what is…for those of you who like me never quite understood trading pork belly futures or things like that- trading on Intrade is a new thing that I thought hey I could understand and maybe try make some money? Check this out, you go to Intrade and sign up for an account just like any stock account but instead of trading on pork belly futures you are trading on current events. For example, you pay 90 cents to trade on the position of Obama in the presidential election or what you think will happen to the Olympics in 2008. It is a current events predictor market. Very cool and economists have started to turn to this trend predictor site because it is incredibly accurate. Click this blue Intrade tab and check it out. You might love it- it is really fun!

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