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Kristen Stewart wears Balenciaga Thorn Sandals

on March 18th, 2013
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For Spring 2013 Balenciaga made some pretty interesting sandals that look like they have thorns all over the top of the foot. It is kinda interesting since it is Easter and Passover and the thorns kinda remind me of the whole cross thing…aside from that they are pretty cool looking sandals and come in a heel and a flat version. They were recently seen on Kristen Stewart while she was live chatting online for the new Balenciaga perfume Florabotanica.

She has become quite the unofficial model for Balenciaga in the last season with all of her appearances wearing Balenciaga leather motorcycle jackets and shoes at runway shoes and out and about. She is a very good model for them as she has that edgy goth style and has played a Vampire in that little know Twilight Saga movie series that is very much Balenciaga’s style.

I am loving the thorn sandals for Spring 2013. I think I like the heels seen on Kristen Stewart more than the flats. Your thoughts?

Get the Balenciaga thorn spine sandals seen on Kristen Stewart now for $795.


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