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Prada black pants and boots

on September 30th, 2009
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I am very relieved to report that Fall weather is finally coming to Los Angeles. I love Fall and all the Fall clothing that comes along with the season. Every year, I wait for September to approach only to be met with a 100 degree heatwave that lasts until October. This year was no different we had several heatwaves before finally settling into a nice mid 70 degrees towards the end of the month.

Fall to me means Prada black pants and boots. There is nothing more sleek and classically practical looking than a pair of Prada black techno pants and black Prada boots. I love the look because it never goes out of style. Every single year, the lug sole boots and the sleek tailored pants come back in stock and I know that I have my uniform for those cold brisk days coming soon.

If you don’t have this practical set, click here and invest in your own Prada black techno pants and black Prada rubber bottomed boots. You will have this set for the next 10 years.


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