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Jackie O: Life as a Style Icon

on October 22nd, 2012
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After reading a recent history about the life of Jackie O as a style icon and the First Lady as well as her relationship with the Kennedy brothers, it is hard not to judge her through my own views as a woman born after the 1970’s.

Jackie O was born in 1929 to a socialite mother and a stockbroker father. She was raised in a time in society when she was expected to marry as soon as she graduated from college. Her job would be wife and mother. She met JFK after graduating from college and they got married when she was 24 as JFK was running for president.

The world primarily knows about the life of Jackie O as a style icon first lady and does not know about the influence she had on foreign policy with her mastery of the Spanish and French languages.

JFK knew that taking her on the campaign trail was good for politics. Everyone deemed Jackie O a style icon and wanted to dress like her, wear their hair like her, and live a life like her. She made it look easy and effortless even if it was not that easy.

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As a style icon she made the pill box hat a must have as well as her famous bob haircut. Her life was examined by her adoring public through magazine photos. She always wore a black top with white pants and never the reverse because she did not want to look like a waiter. What was unknown was the fact that she had very strong opinions and we later learn about them from the Jackie O recordings that were recorded by Arthur Schlesinger 50 years ago just 4 months after the death of John F Kennedy.

As a style icon, my favorite accessories seen on her include her Francois Pinton sunglasses commissioned for her by Aristotle Onassis, her ensembles of black tops with white pants, and her always present Cartier tank watch. Her classic style was very continental and never dated. She did not wear the trends, she set the trends. Even to this day, when someone wears a tank dress and a tank watch or a black turtleneck with a pair of white slacks and a Gucci hobo bag, they call it Jackie O style.

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy as recorded by Arthur Schlesinger is a must listen if you are a fan of the Kennedy Clan or of Jackie O.

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