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Havaianas Wonder Woman thong sandals for Summer

on April 26th, 2009
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How cool is it to just get a great pair of comfy thong sandals for summer? I love wearing Havaianas because they signal the first sign of summer for me. I think of beaches, vacations, grilling outside, sundresses, and everything else when I look at my feet in Havaiana sandals. This season they have come out with a brand new style called the fit sandal. They are a beautiful thong sandal that has a strap that reaches all the way to the back of your foot. Feel free to roam comfortably in your sandals all summer long. If you want a little whimsy get them with Superman or Wonder Woman on them too. Also, how cute are the ones for the kids with little ladybugs and stars? Click the photos to shop now for summer which is just around the corner now.

Havaianas Fit Thong SandalHavaianas Metallic Fit Thong SandalHavaianas - Wonder Woman (White) - FootwearHavaianas - Superman (Classic Blue/Black) - Footwear

Havaianas Toddler/Little Kid Luck Bug Flip FlopHavaianas Toddler/Little Kid Tiny Stars Flip Flop

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