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Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flats or These for Less?

on September 2nd, 2012
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I know that when you buy a pair of great shoes they fit well, last forever and do not give you blisters. However, when the shoes are just shoes for one season and not a perennial shoe do you invest in it or do you just buy a pair of shoes that look like those couture shoes you want?

Case in point, check out these amazing Valentino Rockstud Leather Ballerina flats for $595. I love these flats for their fabulous quality leather, padded insoles, exquisite custom dye color…but then you find shoes like these C-Label Hudson flats for $49.00 and you think to yourself, do I just buy this pair of shoes instead?

ere is the deal and you need to be honest with yourself. The Valentino flats are leather and have a padded insole and are cut in a way that the curve from the side of the shoe will be ultra flattering to your foot. The C-Label shoes will do the trick if you are going for the look, but there is no padded insole and because of its synthetic material, you will probably need to wear some blister bandaids for a few wears. Just saying. However, they are a good substitute for the $595 version.

What would you do?

Valentino Rockstud Leather Ballerina Flats for $595 from Neiman Marcus


C-Label Hudson Studded Ballerina Flats for $49 from Piperlime


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