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Stana Katic’s White Shirt from the Castle Blue Butterfly Episode

on February 6th, 2012
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If you watched tonight’s fun Castle episode called The Blue Butterfly which was sort of a noir detective thriller set in the late 1940’s then you probably saw the white button up dress shirt Miss Stana Katic aka Beckett was seen wearing in the last 45 minutes of the show when she and Castle were coming to the conclusion of their investigation and found the people who disappeared that night with The Blue Butterfly.

I immediately liked the white button up shirt because of it’s mix of classic button up style with a modern spin. The button up shirt has a roll up sleeve button to secure a rolled sleeve in place and to give it a more casual look from a regular go under a work suit button up dress shirt. The v neck was the next detail that caught my eye. It gave the neckline a more feminine look and really shows off a woman’s neck at the right angles. As soon as I spotted the top I knew you would also be in search of this shirt. I searched and found it in black and in white and I picked up both because the shirt was on sale for 40% off the retail price. Each shirt is discounted to $26 and is made of 100% cotton.

Find a white v neck button sleeve top like the one seen on Stana Katic for $26 now.


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