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TJ Maxx Red Carpet Event

on September 3rd, 2009
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TJ Maxx invited Shopping and Info to a Red Carpet shopping event at their Glendale store today to learn what TJ Maxx offers for all you shoppers out there. TJ Maxx buys overstock from designers and gets shipments every day. TJ Maxx carries lots of different designers at great prices that are up 50% off retail. Today designers like Vince, Alice & Olivia, and even a fur Gucci bag for $1500 which is 40% off retail were found in the Glendale store.

An insider tip: TJ Maxx will be doing their own Fashion Shops event on September 10, 2009 where they will be featuring some amazing designers at TJ Maxx discount prices. At the moment they are holding the stock from some of these designers until September 10, 2009. Alison Deyette, TV host and spokesperson at the event gave us a tour of the stockroom in the back and I saw Isabella Fiore bags and M Missoni jackets being held for this sale. TJ Maxx definitely has great items for those of you who love to hunt for a bargain. I saw great Michelle watches for $699 discounted from retail prices of $1200. The only difference about shopping TJ Maxx versus your local department store or boutique is that TJ Maxx gets overstock from designers in certain quantities so if you see something you want, you grab it before its gone because it is not coming back!

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Marshalls $25 Spendervention Sneakers Sale

on June 19th, 2009
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I was given a $25 Spendervention challenge recently and I was quite excited to see what I could find for $25 at Marshalls. I have not been to a Marshalls in about a year and wanted to find a pair of running sneakers.

I decided to try Marshalls in Boston, Massachusetts because I did not have enough time to try my local West Los Angeles, California Marshalls before my east coast trip.

Upon entering the downtown crossing Boston location I found the Marshalls to be filled with lots of great buys. I ventured over to the womens shoes section and was surprised to find New Balance sneakers on sale for $34.95. New Balance sneakers are usually $79 and up, but I found my size for $34.95 in this pretty pink color and got in line to pay. What a great surprise to find this great deal at Marshalls in Boston. Thanks Marshalls Spendervention. I loved the challenge. I only had to pay the $10 difference with my $25 giftcard to get a great pair of New Balance sneakers.

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TJ Maxx $25 Spendervention challenge

on June 18th, 2009
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I was given a $25 Spendervention challenge to go to TJ Maxx recently and was not sure if I would be able to find anything I wanted for $25, but I was wrong.

I decided to try a TJ Maxx location in Boston instead of Los Angeles to make the challenge fun. Upon entering a suburban Boston TJ Maxx location, I could not believe my eyes. There was home stuff, mens clothing, childrens clothing, and womens clothing.

I quickly looked for a pair of shoes my daughter really wanted from Kors and found them for $19.99. These shoes retailed for $49 at a local shoe boutique in Los Angeles and I could not believe my luck when I found them for $19.99 at TJ Maxx. Needless to say, she was overjoyed to get the shoes she wanted finally.

This spendervention was a success. TJ Maxx has lots of great stuff. Check it out for yourself.

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