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Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers

on December 3rd, 2016
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alexander-mcqueen-platform-sneakersBetween working and well working, somehow I missed out on these Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers that look like those classic Stan Smith Sneakers from Adidas except with a brilliant 2 inch platform that gives us petite gals a little bit of height. There hasn’t been too much chatter about them online and I am not sure if it is because they came out mid summer or because they sold out so fast, I am seeing online that they are all coming back in soon with pre orders available all over the interweb, so if you are like me and missed out the first time around, I suggest you pre order them or order them here and get them to your house in 2 business days and start wearing them everywhere ASAP including that walking trip this holiday season to Mexico, Paris, or Aspen.

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Golden Goose Gold Glitter Sneakers for Holiday 2016

on October 30th, 2016
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golden-goose-glitter-gold-sneakersThe must have Golden Goose Gold Glitter Sneakers for Holiday 2016 are so cool, you will regret not owning them for the holidays. Last year’s high top gold glitter version were awesome, however these low top gold glitter version with the emerald green laces are even better because you can wear them with ripped jeans or a dressy dress for a fun look. There is also a silver glitter version if you don’t like gold.

Get the Golden Goose Gold Glitter sneakers here.

Get the Golden Goose Silver Glitter Sneakers here.

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5 Street Style Sneakers to Wear for Fall

on September 4th, 2016
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Steve-Madden-Glitter-Street-Style-SneakersYour casual wear makes all the difference in your social status as the weather gets colder. Keep your feet warm and your social calendar even warmer with the following 5 select sneaker styles.

Vans Women’s Classic Slip On Sneaker

The classic slip on has been given a modern update to make it more street savvy, durable and easily assimilated into your metro chic wardrobe. You get leather with a textile lining and a great looking, slightly raised rubber sole.

Ecco Women’s Bluma Ballet Sneaker

Looking at this beautiful shoe head on brings you more of a pump style, but the mesh insets and leather/textile lining definitely give you sneaker when you put it on. You gain the convenience of a streetwise shoe and the chic of a ballet slipper at the same time.

Steve Madden Women’s Bertie Metallic Platform Sneaker

Steven Madden gives you a futuristic shine alongside a chunky sole – very Judy Jetson. You get all of the urban personality with a footbed that is padded for maximum comfort. The lace up style gives you an unmistakeable sneaker vibe that does not lose any chic no matter what you wear it with.

Nike Women’s Free Flyknit Running Shoe

The shoe that is comfortable enough to fit like a sock, this Nike is one of the snuggest shoes on the market. You get foam cushioning for a performance response that is unlike any other chic sneaker out now. Asymmetrical lacing adds style and keeps the pressure off of your foot.

Nike Women’s Air Max Thea

Although this sneaker is more of a low profile look, it still gives you a great base to take on any outdoor activity from running to catching a quick brunch with a friend. You can remove the inside for a looser fit.

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5 Must Have Womens Sneakers for Fall including Kenzo

on August 24th, 2016
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Kenzo-Metallic-SneakersThe beginning of the cool season is your time to focus the attention on your fashion rather than your beach body. Your casual look will set the tone for the rest of your fall. Here are five must have women’s sneakers for autumn.

Kenzo Brushed Metallic Low Top Sneaker

Calf leather gives you a great overall feel as a base, and a metallic finish and a gold trim look absolutely great with any pair of quality jeans. The round toe and lace up front provide a modern look, and the low top silhouette gives you a unique look that is just cool enough to look like you just “rolled out of bed looking like this” without losing that chic flavor.

Alexander McQueen Flat Leather Sneaker with Jeweled Hand

Alexander-Mcqueen-Leather-Sneaker-with-Jeweled-HandThis incredibly unique leather and jewel sneaker features a hand applique as its strap cover. The contrast heel counter gives you a great base color scheme that brings you classic Italy and modern fashion.

Saint Laurent Court Classic Roller Skate Sneaker

Saint-Laurent-Roller-Skate-SneakersThis French roller skate sneaker has a lace up front, round toe and rubber sole for ultimate comfort as you take your footwear to the next level. Yes, you are literally moving on roller skates, but the star appliques and metallic leather ensure that you are seen as a true fashionetta, not a high schooler skipping class.

Alexander McQueen Triple Monk Velvet Sneaker with Jeweled Moon & Star

Alexander-Mcqueen-velvet-moon-star-sneakerThe high rubber outsole and platform heel give you an elevated style, not just an elevated height. The velvet gives you one of the smoothest feels of any sneaker on the market, and the jeweled moon and star appliques add an iconic look that you will feel proud to rock anywhere.

Kenzo Patent Leather Platform Sneaker with Detachable Applique

Kenzo-platform-patent-sneakerFaux leather gives you a slightly less expensive fashion item, and the detachable applique gives you the ability to move low key or attract attention based on your mood. The polyester build gives you a comfortable feel that will ensure you can stay on your feet for a long time.

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What to Wear While Watching Wimbledon

on July 10th, 2016
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Wimbeldon-Tennis-Star-Sneakers-TopshopWimbledon has long been the ultimate spectator event, with people from all over the world gathering to watch the world’s greatest athletes duke it out on the tennis court. Fashion is incredibly important among Wimbledon spectators, so it’s essential that you look your best as you enjoy your traditional strawberries and cream. Consider stocking your wardrobe up with the following items, which will ensure both fashion and comfort as you enjoy Wimbledon:

TALL Plaited Strap Casual Cami

Casual, but not too casual, this flirty Topshop cami features a figure-flattering scooped neck and unique detailing on the straps. For Wimbledon, you can wear it with a simple pair of jeans or leggings, but don’t be afraid to dress it up with your favorite skirt.

Topshop Copenhagen Sneakers

Wimbledon may be held in the United Kingdom, but it is a thoroughly European event — so feel free to honor Copenhagen with these cool Topshop kicks. Chunky soles and star detailing make these sneakers pop! They are versatile enough to wear with nearly any outfit, but look particularly cool with simple leggings and an oversized tank.

Electric & Rose Sunset Legging

Make a statement during Wimbledon and wear this snazzy pair of leggings from Electric & Rose. These leggings are as stylish as they are comfortable, and what’s more, a unique fold-down waist grants them extra versatility. A variety of color options are available, but if you’re looking to stand out, opt for either Drift Blue or Deepblue Emerald.

Varley Sofia Compression Leggings

It’s tough to combine subtlety and edginess in a single clothing item, but this is easily accomplished with these cool compression leggings. Although this is technically a performance pant for working out, it works well as casual wear and as a chic going out garment. Its natural versatility means it’s perfect for Wimbledon — but you’ll still be wearing it long after your favorite spectator event is over.

LNA Double Cut Tank Top

When dressing for Wimbledon, it’s all about those unexpected details. This cute top has a unique cut-out design that friends and strangers alike will find intriguing. Pair with your favorite bright leggings for a dazzling look.

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Golden Goose Silver Glitter Sneakers

on May 22nd, 2016
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Golden-Goose-glitter-sneakersIf you are looking for a great looking pair of low top sneakers for summer look no further than the Golden Goose silver leather low top sneakers with the multi glitter stars. Last season’s all gold glitter high top sneakers were the bees knees for the holiday season, but this pair in a low top is perfect to wear with a pair of shorts and a tee to run around all summer. Look like you just walked off the boat from Capri even when you just ran around the corner to grab bagels for breakfast on a Sunday morning. No matter what you do in these sneakers you will feel like a star all summer into fall.


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Adidas Custom Superstar Sneakers

on March 6th, 2016
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custom-adidas-superstar-shoesEver think to yourself that bespoke or custom sneakers are only for people who own multinational companies? Do you think if only I owned a record label or a Silicon Valley company then I could have custom kicks? Recently I saw a woman wearing the coolest pair of custom Adidas sneakers and I asked her where she got them? She told me that she got them from I could not believe it since her sneakers had an ostrich print all over them and looked like a pair of $500 Italian sneakers. She told me that you could basically pick any color and any type of leather print to customize your own pair of sneakers. As soon as she told me, I got on the computer and played around to make my own pair of custom sneakers. After making about 10 pairs, I have narrowed it down to 2 pairs that I will actually have made for me. The shoes take 3-7 weeks, but the wait is worth it considering you will then have a one of a kind pair of sneakers made just for you. What could be better right? Here is a pair I have been playing around with online. Yay or nay?

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Giuseppe Zanotti Shearling Platform Sneakers

on February 22nd, 2016
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Giuseppe-Zanotti-Platform-high-top-shearling-sneakersOne of my favorite platform shearling high top sneakers this season came from Giuseppe Zanotti. What gal doesn’t want to keep her feet warm in the winter and gain an extra 1 1/2 inches in height right? In the all black color these platform sneakers with the 2 sided zip will be your favorite shoes for the rest of the winter. It is still cold in most places and if you are like me, your feet are always cold anyhow. I love the look of them because they have an all black heel and you can basically wear these shoes with anything.

Another alternative if you are looking for something a little more affordable check out the Converse faux shearling lined high top sneakers in black. On sale for $39.99 from $79.99 that is a pretty great deal. Get them here now.


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Corso Como Faux Fur Lined Sneakers

on February 1st, 2016
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corso-roma-9-fur-lined-sneakerThe Corso Como faux fur lined sneakers are the BOMB. I think they are the perfect winter weather sneaker because they have a double sided zip that you can zip up or down to show the faux fur lining on the inside and wear with your favorite cropped leather legging jeans or other cropped pants. These will keep you warm during the winter months and also during the wet El Nino winter. Get them in black or navy look great while dressed as comfortably as possible. Who doesn’t want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time? MADE in ITALY.

fur-lined-sneaker fur-lined-sneaker-2

Corso Como faux fur lined sneakers for $395

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Kate Spade for Keds Glitter Sneakers

on December 26th, 2015
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Barneys-SaleIf you are looking for a fun pair of shoes for the holiday season. It is not too late to get in on the Kate Spade for Keds Glitter sneakers that come in black, gold, rose gold, and light blue glitter. Check us out shopping the after Christmas sales at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills today wearing the gold glitter Kate Spade for Keds glitter sneakers with our Blank NYC black moto jacket, Hudson grey distressed jeans, Monrow “London” tee shirt, and Rebecca Minkoff mini mac bag to check out what was ON SALE at Barneys New York today.


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