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Skulls and Evil Eye Bracelets are All the Rage

on April 10th, 2013
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Skulls and Evil Eye Bracelets are All the Rage at the moment and I am loving the trend. Not that I did not love evil eyes and hamsas and skulls before, but now there is a good reason to wear them every single day.

Here is my Outfit of the Day: It includes an armparty of Sylva and Cie’s vintage rose gold enamel evil eye bracelet with diamonds, a rose gold diamond bar bracelet, Hamsa cz gold plated bracelet, mini evil eye Sydney Evan bracelet, and a giant gold plated with diamonds hamsa hand bracelet from Carol Brodie on HSN which is sold out but there is one like it here. It is a fun mix that I like to stack. And if you want an 18KT Gold Hamsa bracelet with diamonds and sapphires check out the one by Vanessa Kandiyoti from Net-a-Porter. As it gets too pricey to try to just buy diamonds and gold, it is always great to look for jewelry in a variety of metals and gold plating and stones besides just diamonds and gold think CZ and gold plated jewelry for the budget as well as for the sheer fun of having the ability to buy more. Outfit of the day includes a skull button army jacket.

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