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Best Isabel Marant Boots and Givenchy Skate Shoes for Fall

on September 17th, 2014
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It is time for the Fall shoe parade with skate sneakers and boots from Givenchy and Isabel Marant.

I have been wearing these skate lace Givenchy sneakers as flats with dresses and skirts since the beginning of summer and anticipate wearing them with all of my fall cashmere sweaters when it drops below 99 degrees here in Los Angeles.

As the heat wave continues I have worn my Vince skate sneakers and my Givenchy lace skate sneakers with shorts and dresses while at work. It is the perfect type of shoe to wear in a city where there is a lot of walking to be done during lunch or after work to a local yoga class or Soul Cycle spin class.

A favorite pair of fall heels for me is all about comfort again and include the Lanvin wedge pumps in a saddle brown cognac color that will go with everything.

If you want to wear a pair of ankle boots with a dress or skirt, a great option would be the Isabel Marant dicker boots in a great cognac color that are chic and easy to wear.

And if you love to be taller with hidden wedges while looking like you are wearing a pair of flat boots, look no further than these great Isabel Marant black boots called the nuty and the Isabel Marant lace up suede sneakers that I wear with everything in the fall.

Givenchy lace skate sneakers on sale for $335

Isabel Marant dicker boots for $650 in suede from Bergdorf Goodman.

Isabel Marant beslay calfskin boots new for 2014 similar to the Isabel Marant Nuty boots for $650 from Forward by Elyse Walker.

Isabel Marant bobby hidden wedge sneakers in suede for $695.

Lanvin wedge pumps are just what you need to do a lot of standing and walking at the office this fall. They have the same rounded toe as their flats with the added height of a wedge. A perfect shoe for the office or out on the weekends. $625.

Vince black suede skate sneakers are perfect to wear on the weekends with a pair of cropped zip up crop jeans or to work with a pair of black slacks. Either way you can get a lot of use in these shoes this fall and winter and you will be comfortable as well. $295.


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Givenchy leather black skate sneakers

on July 12th, 2014
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Givenchy leather slip-ons sneakers  – Givenchy leather black skate sneakers or whatever you want to call them these are a grown up version for the cosmo set. Hello your fall shoes. Leather black Givenchy slip on sneakers with a 1 inch platform sole. These are all leather inside and out and comfortable as can be. But they are all dressed up with crystals on the front and perfect for work when you want to commute and walk through the fall and winter rainy streets of London or New York City AND great on a sunny day when it gets colder with a pair of cropped jeans and your puffer jacket. Love these.

These are the #1 must have pair of leather slip-ons sneakers for fall for $650 from Givenchy.

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