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Samsung Galaxy Marc Jacobs Case MUST HAVE

on December 1st, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy Marc Jacobs Case MUST HAVE – Yes I have done it again – my husband is mad – because he has learned how to fix my Samsung Guerilla Glass on Youtube with a blow dryer and a special after market glass I buy on for $10 and I have dropped my phone again for the 3rd time. Well, can I just say that the Samsung Guerilla Glass is not Guerilla Glass in any way? IT is really just a flimsy glass that breaks whenever you drop your phone. I have now replaced this glass 3 times and it has broken again and again. Yes I am clumsy I will admit it, but it is ridiculous that one drop can cause the glass to shatter the way it does.

Anyhow, my new solution is to replace this guerilla glass one more time if my husband will fix my phone again and then buy this Marc by Marc Jacobs Samsung Galaxy phone case. It is a little crazy because it has a back and front cover so it protects the screen like a wallet, but hey if you are anything like me, it is worth it. And it is on sale right now here for 40% off.

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