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Sneakerheads Chanel Adidas Nike DKNY Sneakers in my Collection Check it Out

on March 14th, 2013
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I just recently realized that my style is super simple. Although I buy all types of clothing from lace dresses by DKNY to boots by Lanvin and Ann Demuelemeester, I seem to wear Lululemon and sneakers as my daily uniform. This is definitely the uniform of the life of a busy person these days. I have an 8 year old I have to run after, hiking with my dog, tennis with friends, workouts at Burn 60 and Soul Cycle, and other activities besides work that all revolve around running after something or someone. So I have quite a vast collection of sneakers.

Let me introduce you to my newest addition to the sneakers family and that is my Chanel running sneakers. You may think it is a bit over the top to get Chanel sneakers, but I say this to those of you who live in Lululemon and sneakers and you wear your sneakers everyday all day like I do – why not look stylish? When I look at my sneakers I probably wear each pair 20 times more than I wear my Chloe ballerina flats or Jimmy Choo espadrilles so why not get the best for what you wear the most? Per wear it will cost you less in the long run. At least that is why I buy so many pairs of sneakers over other pairs of shoes.

Back to the shoes – from the top corner

Nike lilac running sneakers are the same ones owned by Kim Kardashian in black and pink. One of my new favorites that I wear to my exercise classes on a daily basis. 


DKNY Grommet wedge high top sneakers. I love them because they look like Converse but have a high heel that makes these just so chic. I wear them with rolled up boyfriend jeans and they look very cool. Shop

Prada white high top wedge platform sneakers. Love these – they are best worn with a pair of black skinny jeans or even a skirt. They make your legs look long and they are super comfortable. Don’t run in these, but you won’t trip either.

Monika Chiang wedge high top sneakers in black. These are my go to sneakers to wear at night when I go out to the movies or drinks with friends. I am comfortable and have 3 inches of height without worrying that someone is going to step on my toes in a crowd.

Asics Gel cirrus 33 hiking shoes – see the dirt? I have probably put 120 miles on these hiking sneakers since I bought them last year? I hike at least twice a week with my dog and we log about 5 miles each hike. They even have holes in them now. I am proud of the wear on these shoes.

Adidas originals white samba sneakers. I have had these for about 7 years. Yes they are clean looking I wash them. I love wearing these with tennis white shorts and a white top. I usually wear these only in the summer while out for drinks in someone’s yard, in Tahoe, or by the pool.

Top left bottom are my tennis shoes. They are New Balance. My tennis teacher got them for me to wear 5 years ago. I really don’t like these, but I wear them.

Adidas lilac purple samba sneakers sold out but I found the Adidas suede purple samba here. I just love the color lilac so I had to buy them. My 8 year old has a matching pair. We wear them sometimes when we go for walks or out for lunch and we want to match.

Asics Gel Kayano running sneakers. These are really worn. I think these may have to retire soon. I wore them for about a year almost everyday to workout and they look like they have been beaten up. Jessica Simpson is seen wearing the same ones below.

Asics Onitsuka tiger running sneakers – these were washed. I like the yellow in them. They are a cheerful shoe that I wear on a rainy day to workout indoors. They are a lot like the Nike lilac running sneakers. You feel almost like you are not wearing shoes.




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