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Raw Coconut Cream Face Cream?

on December 6th, 2013
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Raw Coconut Cream Face Cream?  I am in love with the gluten free coconut milk eating food culture at the moment because not having a WheatBelly has been great for me just by cutting out wheat. Now substituting rich delicious coconut milk in place of cream in my food does not leave me wanting donuts. How amazing to find out that this miracle food is also just as good for your skin?

Apparently raw coconut cream can be used as a deodorant, face and body cream and a make up remover. This fruit is good for your body and your skin. What is next? Coconuts make us think better and sleep better? Whatever it is – I have already loved the coconut and here is just another good reason. Raw Coconut Cream for your face and body is just $18.

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Top 5 MAC Beauty Products IMHO

on July 21st, 2012
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Ever since they stopped selling MAC at Sephora, I’ve had my eye out for it whenever I walk into a beauty supply store. Luckily, I found out that that lots of department stores do carry MAC, with more products than any one store could carry. Here are the top 5 MAC products:

1)      MAC Lipstick: I find that lipstick is the only way to get reliable color that lasts all day. This lipstick comes in over 100 colors, what more could a girl want? It’s only $14.50.

2)      MAC Magically Cool Liquid Power: This lightweight power is made of 70% water and can be easily dusted onto the skin as a light concealer. This amazingly sheer powder doesn’t clog pores, or leave the oily painted-on feeling skin that some foundations and concealers do. You can get it online for $30.

3)      MAC Lightful Softening Lotion: This lotion conditions your skin, not only making it visibly healthier but also smoother to touch. It’s available online for $30. 

4)      MAC Plump Lash: This mascara plumps, curls and volumizes your lashes. MAC made it so you can build thickness smoothly, while not having to deal with those pesky clumps. The best part is, it’s only $15. 

5)      MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover: What’s worse than getting home after a late dinner and having to either scrub at your face until redness ensues, or sleep with your makeup on? MAC’s Pro Eye Makeup Remover is an easy, not to mention redness and tear-free way to get your makeup without it being such a hassle. You can find it online for only $19.

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