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SMYTHE PERFECT Black Reissue Blazer

on June 28th, 2013
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SMYTHE PERFECT Black Reissue Blazer– looking for a great perfect black blazer that goes with everything? Get a great blazer tailored by SMYTHE and get a bonus surprise.

What I love about SMYTHE is that they always give you a little something extra when it comes to their jackets. Not only is this SMYTHE blazer a tuxedo jacket with a silk lapel that you can wear it without the cuffs and the hoodie so that you can wear it with your perfect little black dress, but it is also a great sporty jacket for you to wear with your boyfriend jeans and t shirts on the weekends when you are browsing the farmers markets. I like this jacket for the summer into fall. This jacket is versatile. This jacket is a classic keeper. This jacket will be the only jacket you need to travel with you this summer.

Smythe Perfect Black Reissue Blazer for $695.

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