puffer jacket

Quilted Jackets and Quilted Backpacks

The great news is that LA is coming out of its 5 year drought. We have are about 40% out of our drought. We need more rain. Luckily we are getting more rain. As a result I have been able to take my Moncler jackets out of storage and wear them. The last […]

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Moschino Quilted Leather Jacket Bag – TOO AWESOME

Ok so I have made fun of the Moschino McDonald’s looking red and yellow quilted bag, but I am obsessed and in love with every iteration of the Moschino quilted leather jacket bags that are out there. My all time favorite is the one that is a tote that looks like a mini version of […]

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Moschino Fries McDonald’s Quilted Bag

Would you like fries with that Moschino Fries McDonald’s looking quilted bag. Not sure how I feel about this leather quilted Chanel looking chain bag from Moschino with the colors in the signature red and yellow. I just don’t know if I can plunk down $1265 for a leather bag that will call out the […]

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