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Look for LESS Hermes Medor Watch versus Le Mer Collection Pyramid Stud Watch

on October 30th, 2012
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Do you love the Hermes Medor Watch? Hermes stopped making it for a short time and now it is back in limited quantities online and in stores. However to find it in the coveted palladium and black combination is definitely a challenge not to mention the $4,000 price tag.

Getting the look for less is definitely a good option when you can find it. The Hermes Medor Watch never had much competition in the pyramid stud department, but since they stopped making the watch for a little bit, Le Mer Collection decided to fill the void with their version of the smaller Hermes Medor Watch with pyramid studs that had 3 smaller studs and a wrap around watch strap instead of the one strap seen here on the Hermes Medor Watch.

I love the Hermes Medor Watch and if you can buy it, I highly recommend this very coveted watch. The workmanship on the leather is unparalleled and the Hermes prestige is immediately bestowed upon those that wear an Hermes piece like this.

However, if you find that $4000 is something you need to spend on say rent or a week long vacation to Aruba or to pay for your monthly expenses, then buying the look for less La Mer Collection pyramid stud watch is definitely a good option for $115.

The La Mer Collection watch is made of black leather with silver pyramid stud. It gives you the look for less but you still get the great look. I can see this watch worn with a little black dress for a night out or on the weekend for a day out shopping. This watch is no shrinking violet compared to the famous Hermes Medor Watch.

Get the Look for Less – Buy the La Mer Collection pyramid wrap Watch for $115 now.

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