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Celebrity Prom Inspired Dresses for 2013 – Charlie Jade Strapless Dress

on May 2nd, 2013
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Celebrity Prom Inspired Dresses for 2013 – in case you are still looking for that prom dress, the trends this season are all about gem colors and strapless dresses.

Check out some celebrity prom photos from not too long ago featuring Kim Kardashian and TJ Jackson, Natalie Portman, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift.

We got photos from our Coachella correspondent Sydney B and her crew in Los Angeles going to prom last weekend and captured all the prom trends for the season from some of the trendiest Los Angeles teens around.

Sydney B is seen wearing one of the hottest trends of the season from Charlie Jade in a black strapless ruched bodice dress. Her friend was seen in an on trend gem colored garnet strapless dress. In the photos below Sydney B’s friends are seen wearing more gem colored dresses from sapphire blue, coral to emerald green in varying lengths and cuts.

This prom season, look at gem colors for inspiration for what to wear if you have not already found your prom dress.

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Shopping and Goodies March 28, 2012

on March 28th, 2012
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A Few Goody Gumdrops is puzzled by Salar’s shoulder bag! Tablemat or Handbag?
Handbag du Jour says if you like handbags and vampires, you’ll love the Maison Du Posh ‘Bite Me’ suede & Swarovski clutch!
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The Budget Fashionista found the 10 fall must buys for you to buy now.
TheFind shares the latest in prom dress trends for 2012 including glamorous floor length looks in vivid eye-catching shades.
What’s Haute loves the new Rami Kashou for bebe bridal collection!

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Best Prom Dresses for 2011

on April 5th, 2011

ADAM Strapless Ruffle Dress

Whether the high school football captain just asked you to senior prom, and you absolutely MUST make a great impression; or you just feel like splurging and looking totally amazing for the last big dance of your high school career, this strapless ruffle dress does it all. With silk crepe fabrication, delicate frayed edges at the ruffles, and strapless engineering designed to show off your upper chest, collar bone, and shoulders, this sleek red dress is almost guaranteed to inspire jealousy and not a little bit of catty-ness from your best friends. That will happen when you invest the time and courage to look amazing.
This elegant dress features a double-layered bodice and deep V neck — all held together with a festive sash. Words that come to mind include “slinky,” “elegant” and “best dressed girl at the prom.” One thing, however: the dress obscures (in a good way) the lower half of your body, and it highlights your exposed back and shoulders. So if you live in a cold, breezy climate, bring a little something to cover yourself up in transit from the prom to the after parties (We’re not suggesting a winter coat here or anything; use common sense).
If you’re in-shape thanks to spring lacrosse, soccer, or field hockey practice, this dress is a solid choice.

Do you want something poufy, glittery, and fun and bubbly? If so, this streaky sequined strapless party dress is just what the love doctor ordered. The bubble skirt’s gathered poufy arrangements are held together with a bow, so you may sort of look like a giant Christmas present, but in a good way. As we all know, boys tend to like shinny, glittery, bauble-ly things. You will no doubt turn lots of heads — hopefully including that dreamboat Jeremy from homeroom, who never realized what a catch you were until just this moment. Oh, well! Too late for him.
Here we have a flattering, metallically embellished top that’s lustrous and appropriate for a variety of body types. What’s unique here is that the dress at first blush looks simple – perhaps too simple. But a closer inspection of the ruched empire bodice and embellishments on the single shoulder strap reveals a surprising asymmetry and glitteriness. It’s all too easy to get lulled into thinking this is “just another blah prom dress.” But you might be surprised by the quirky touches.

This satin concoction with a mermaid hem line and curiously floral beaded strap has won rave reviews from online shoppers. One reviewer wrote “beautiful dress. I love the color! It’s very comfortable and flatters the figure.” Another person got this dress for her daughter for prom. Her review says everything you need to know: “She [the daughter] looked around the department, her eyes locked on this dress and wanted it. Oh my Gosh! Can you say perfect! When she came out it was a vision of beauty, just beautiful.”
Birds of a feather rule prom together, don’t they? This flapper style dress features ostrich feathers (yes, ostrich!) and a retro chick style. It’s a strapless beaded dress with “two tiers” of feathers at the skirt. The tonal subtleties and coloring are sort of magnetically eye catching – even from a distance, you will manage to separate yourself from the sea of mundane “blah” prom dresses out there.

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Celebrity Hair Styles for Summer from Antonio Prieto Salon

on May 26th, 2010
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Celebrity hair trends for the summer are all about beach waves, braids, and simple looks. Antonio Prieto Salon put together an easy to follow guide on how to make your hair summer ready with celebrity style. 

To finish up your celebrity style shop The 70% off new styles at sale which just started.

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pretty pink lilac Prom dresses

on March 15th, 2010
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Are you thinking about Prom yet? Prom season is coming now. Get the dress you want before the dresses are all gone. Now is the time to shop for that great Prom dress. The trends are ruffles, pinks, lilacs, and strapless dresses. 

Click the banner to shop for prom now.

NORDSTROM - Shop Prom Dresses

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