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Pleats on skirts is a Spring Trend

on February 26th, 2009
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Pleats, Please

The look in pleated skirts has gotten increasingly smaller and smaller – no we’re not talking the size of the actual skirt, I’m talking about the width of the pleats. Used to be pleated skirts were more school-girl style – and those are definitely still adorable! – but the latest trend is a more flowing, pleated look. These are great because they’re not as structured and therefore a little more forgiving in terms of how they fit and look on different body types.

These are especially great in solid colors, when you need a basic bottom but want something with a little more flare. Don’t forget to add a more structured top – like a boxy jacket or a fitted sweater or blouse. You’ll need to balance out the movement on the bottom with something more close-fitting on top.


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