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Best Pink Tops for Summer 2012

on May 20th, 2012
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Summer is right around the corner, and it’s about time what we start looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, or should I say blouses? Pinks and oranges are starting to replace the colder hues of winter. Here are the top 5 pink tops of this season:

Diane Von Furstenberg Cahill Stretch Silk Peasant Blouse: This slightly pinker than coral blouse has pintuck pleats at the front and back of the neck, which gives it a relaxed shape. You can buy this silk top at Bloomingdales for $225.

Haute Hippie Fly Away Tank: The best parts about this shirt are the flattering cascade ruffles and the great color. Sometimes pinks can end up being too close to skin color but the coral and grapefruit hue is perfect. Grab this at Shopbop for $235.

Finders Keepers Into My World Shirt: If you’re going to wear pink, then go bold. This hot pink tank has a great fold-over collar, front pleats and a cutout back. Buy this at Shopbop for only $110. 

Patterson J. Kincaid Yardey Blouse: This semi-sheer long slaved chiffon blouse is perfect for an afternoon out. It’s light, airy, and casual while still being effortlessly elegant and classy. Pick this up at Shopbop for $138.

Patterson J. Kincaid Flemming Tie Neck Tank: The tie style collar dresses up such a simple top. This sheer tank comes in neon coral, yellow and pink. Personally the yellow reminds me too much of a highlighter, but the coral and pink are both beautiful. Buy either of those colors at Shopbop for $108.

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US Magazine lilac ruffle top

on April 2nd, 2009
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I was reading US Magazine today, the new one on news stands now with Reese Witherspoon on the cover… and I ran across the cutest lilac top. You won’t believe it, it is online only and I found it for you.

Of course, when I started shopping, I saw 2 more that I needed for Spring and Summer too so I bought all 3.

See the 3 tops I bought below. Are they beautiful or what? I just love all the lilac and pink colors of the season. Click the photos to see how much they cost. You won’t believe it and that is why I bought all 3. The one that was from US Magazine is the sleeveless ruffle lilac purple top. Click the photos, get them before they are gone.

Women: Women's Linen-Blend Camp Shirts - Purple PrintWomen: Women's Ruffle-Trim Shirts - Plum Blush

Women: Women's Sheer Cotton Camp Shirts - Pink Floral Combo Top

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