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Lanvin Pink Beige Ballet Flats

on June 16th, 2012
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Since it is summer you may want to think about adding a lighter Lanvin flat to your collection. You wore your Lanvin ballet flats in black and dark grey all fall and winter, now is the time to branch out and think about a the beige nude pink that is so hot right now and get yourself a pair in the soft nubuck leather that Lanvin is so famous for with a hidden 1 inch ballet wedge heel. I love that Lanvin’s ballet flats have a little bit of a life for those of us that are petite. I loved the 3 inch wedge ballet flats from last season. If they would do a 2 inch wedge heel for their ballet flats that would be great too. There have been so many who have tried to copy the Lanvin wedge but the quality and that blue signature box cannot be surpassed.

Wear these beige pink nude ballet flats by Lanvin with a great white dress and take a stroll before stopping in at your favorite bistro for a coffee and a biscotti.

Get the Lanvin Nubuck ballet flats now at


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