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Paul Andrew Peacock Purple Booties WOW

on August 28th, 2013
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Paul Andrew Peacock Purple Booties WOW there is a new term to the word peacocking I guess – this bootie is really a statement maker for Fall. If you are going to Fall Fashion Week in New York City after Labor Day this might be a great bootie to own for that week. It will be sure to get your photographed by the Sartorialist if he is around doing that sort of thing anymore or any of the new street style photographers. Here is the thing about these booties – you will have to take heed when you wear them that you do not step in puddles or the feathers will get all gunked up, but other than that I think you are really looking at a stunning pair of statement making ankle booties for fall that you can wear out to a gala or to dinner or on the weekends. Made in Italy natch.

Paul Andrew peacock purple booties for $1245.

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