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Perfect Parker Blush Pink Sweater for Spring on Sale now

on January 11th, 2015
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Perfect Parker Blush Pink Sweater for Spring on Sale now – If you are pining for Spring because the bitter cold winter is getting to you. Here is a way to lift your spirits – get a great blush colored pink sweater on sale from Parker to wear now to all your Valentine’s Day parties right into spring and summer. The body hugging style will accentuate all your best assets and pull in all the areas that you are a little self conscious about. Best thing also is the fact that you can wear it with your winter grays now.

The Perfect pink blush sweater by Parker is on sale now for $177.

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Parker Embellished Dress for Valentine’s Day

on January 26th, 2014
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Maybe I am already thinking about Valentine’s Day because every CVS and Ralphs has Valentine’s Days chocolates on display already and since it is so darned cold for most of you in the rest of the country I thought I would try to be uplifting this Grammy’s weekend and talk about something fun like what dress you are going to wear on Valentine’s Day instead of how cold you are right now enduring the #Polarvortex on the East Coast and the MidWest.

So for Valentine’s Day have you made your reservation yet? Did you decide if he is the guy you want to go out with on Valentine’s Day or do you have a boyfriend or husband? At any rate, thinking about dresses on Valentine’s Day is always a fun thing to do.

Parker is one of my favorite designers when it comes to dresses and since I wore once for one of my birthdays just a year ago and it was ultra flattering I have to look at Parker again for another great dress that will flatter for Valentine’s Day.

Check out this gorgeous embellished Victoria number with a flirty mini length by Parker. I love all the bugle beads and the gunmetal color. This dress will stay timeless in your closet so you can pull it out again when you want to go out for a dressy occasion. Don’t wait shop now for Valentine’s Day. I love this silk dress with the gunmetal bugle beads you are bound to feel very elegant in this number. If you want add a head band and look Downton Abby chic.

Parker embellished gunmetal dress for $396.

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Perfect Parker Devlin Black Pants

on October 17th, 2013
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Perfect Parker Devlin Black Pants  – yep I said it and it is true. I have been a long time fan of Parker and I have to say they make gorgeous dresses, tops and now pants. These Parker Devlin ruched cropped pants are probably THE PERFECT BLACK PANT. I mean this in every way.

Here are the reasons why:

The pants are cropped and perfect for someone who is not 5 feet 8 so no hemming necessary.

The pants have a tab waist so you can wear them with heels and if you work in a place that is not a hedgefund or a bank you can probably wear these to work too.

The ruching at the bottom of the pants are very flattering.

The pants are very flattering.

Get the Perfect black pants from Parker for $242 now and get 25% off with friends and family for the next few days only.

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What Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

on August 8th, 2012
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Weddings are hard to dress for, they are formal yet too fun to wear your usual church garb. To help you out, here are the top 5 best dresses to wear to a wedding:

1)      Matthew Williamson Bandage Dress: Say “I do” to this gorgeous dress. It’s formal enough for a wedding but the yellow fabric and fun cut make it perfect to wear to a wedding. You can find this dress at Shopbop on sale for $337.50.

2)  Elizabeth and James Avery Blazer: This print silk dress has a wide neck and on seam pockets, which are great to put your cellphone in if you don’t bring a bag to the wedding. Also, the print is cute and keeps the dress from being too plain. You can get this dress for 276.50.

3) Parker Wrap Dress : This silk dress has a shawl collar and a crossover v-neck. It also has a super flattering gathered waist and ruching at the shoulders. The best part is that it comes in cream and navy so you can buy it for either a summer or winter wedding. You can get it  for $242.
Parker Wrap Dress
4) Robert Rodriguez Lace Shift Dress: This adorable dress is a formal take on the current lace trend.  The wide neckline was scalloped edges and trip at the hem and cuffs.  You can get this dress in either blush or emerald green. Personally, I prefer blush for a wedding, but if that washes you out then the green is a great option. This dress is $395.

Robert Rodriguez Lace Shift Dress
5) Parker Ruffle Side Dress: This silk dress has draped ruffles at the back and on the shoulders. It’s a great find for a summer wedding because its both light, and colorful. Grab this dress for only $138.60.

Parker Ruffle Side Dress

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Parker Silver Sequin Cocktail Dress that is Flapper Chic

on April 11th, 2012
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This has got to the be the SINGLE most flattering dress I have ever tried on. The blouse of the top folds over like you tucked it into the skirt perfectly and lays just right. The 3/4 sleeves will show off your statement jewelry, and the u shaped back will show off just enough to give you that chic 20’s flapper look. When you wear this with a pair of platform Sergio Rossi pumps, you will feel like you just jumped out of the pages of The Great Gatsby. Wherever you wear it it whether out for New Year’s Eve or a cocktail reception for your friend’s wedding, you will feel comfortable and feel great.

The u shaped open rounded back  completes this gorgeously chic dress. The metallic shine of the silver metallic sequins and beads set against a white background make this dress cocktail party perfect. The color combination is simply divine. Cylindrical beads envelope the neck, arm cuffs, and are placed as a belt sash. The sequins are applied by hand and the dress is quite heavy. Lined through the dress with semi-sheer arms.  In silver.

Fabric: 100% silk

Parker Silver Cluster Dress for $396 at Intermix.

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Parker Maxi Pleated Black Gown for Valentine’s Day

on January 22nd, 2012

Parker Pleated Maxi DressSo that guy finally asked you out after months of random questions and excuses to call you about other things. Months later you are spending all of your time together. Things are going so well that he has planned a fun night out for the two of you for Valentine’s Day. Dinner reservations are made at your favorite restaurant in Soho and you want the perfect dress to wear for your special night out with him. What do you wear? You want to look pretty without looking like you are trying too hard. You want to be able to look elegant without looking boring or dowdy. The dress has to have some sophistication but still be on trend.

This black pleated maxi dress with a racer back is the only dress you need. What I love is the way the top part of the dress blouses out so that it looks like a tank that is tucked into the pleated skirt. However it is one dress and drapes just right with a swingy pleated skirt that finishes off the whole gown. It really is a gown because of the way it falls. Think Audrey Hepburn or Gwyneth Paltrow when you wear this dress. You can wear it again in the summer when you go on vacation to the Hamptons this summer and have dinner on the beach. It is just a great dress. You will want to wear it every time you have a special occasion.

Parker Pleated Maxi Dress
 for $286.

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