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Bally Ostrich Jana tote bag

on April 10th, 2009
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When I was in Hawaii in December with my family, we went to the Honolulu Bally store to look around. My dad bought 2 pairs of shoes on sale and my brother in law bought 1 pair of shoes not on sale.

My sister fell in love immediately with the BALLY Jana Tote and took the bag off the shelf and held it and looked at it in the mirror. The sales guy, who was probably new, immediately went to my sister and said, “this bag is Ostrich and very delicate and expensive are you interested in it or should I put it back?”

My sister, who has a job in private equity and owns a closet full of Chanels said to him, “if it is so delicate, you better take it back”. I am not sure what he meant, I am assuming he was just a new guy and not used to dealing with customers. My sister was probably going to buy the bag on the spot, but decided to just give him back the bag since he assumed she was not going to buy the bag. Anyhow, long story short, she bought the bag when she came home online and loves the bag. He lost his commission and she saved on tax too. Free shipping and no tax.

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