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Turquoise Must Haves for Summer

on May 26th, 2013
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The big color this season is turquoise. Everyone needs to own some turquoise this season. The color is gorgeous and looks great against a great summer tan. Every gal must have a jacket, bag, bracelet, watch, skinny jeans, and necklace in their summer ensemble and what better way to complete your summer outfits than with a pop of turquoise color.

One of my all time favorite bags is the Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag and this season she did it in turquoise with whipstitching to make it extra special. Get the Rebecca Minkoff Whipstitch bag in turquoise for $330 from

A great turquoise jacket can go over a white dress and sandals and make the outfit extra special for weddings and graduations that are coming up. My personal favorite is the turquoise Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket for $328 from

If you want to wear a great turquoise bracelet with your watch why not get a great turquoise chain and watch together from La Mer Collections. They make great watches that have a classic tank face with leather straps and add a little something different like a chain or some charms and suddenly you have a great watch that has everything you need so you can put it on and run out the door in the am looking well accessorized. La Mer Collections Turquoise Crystal Chain Wrap Watch for $165 from Sale On! Save up to 70% off new styles at

If you want to get on the colored denim trend, turquoise skinny jeans like these Topshop skinny MOTO leigh jeans are a great option for $78 from

For a great piece of turquoise jewelry, the piece to get is the OLIVIA COLLINGS ANTIQUE JEWELRY Gold & Turquoise Pave Bangle for $4,595 from Barneys New York. The piece is a one of a kind vintage piece made of 9k yellow gold. It is a  hinged bangle with pave set turquoise from circa 1860. This is a collector’s piece and if you are a turquoise lover, get this piece to go with all your summer outfits.

A great turquoise necklace option to go with your white tunic tops and those great turquoise moto skinny jeans is the Michael Kors gold tone multi chain turquoise bead necklace for $145 from Macys.

Some years great colors like turquoise are just not available in lots of jewelry and clothing. This season is a big year for turquoise and it is a great year to collect all your favorite pieces so you can wear them all throughout the season and beyond when the color may be harder to find in such great pieces.

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