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on February 27th, 2012
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When it comes to shopping, I love the unique pieces I find at my favorite boutiques. To me, boutiques are hidden gems around different cities where I know I will find items of clothing that I can fall in love with. Even when I go on vacation or visit another city, I look for boutiques in hopes of finding something special that speaks to me. Unfortunately, in my hectic day-to-day life I usually don’t have time to drive to each of my favorite boutiques to shop for my fashion treasures and I end up having to go online to a department store’s website. Don’t get me wrong, department stores have some great items, but when shopping for the latest trends and individual styles boutiques are my go-to spots. That’s why I got so excited when I stumbled upon an amazing website, which features specialty boutiques that have the best trends from all over the world. It’s the perfect combination: the convenience and all-inclusiveness of an online department store with the creative edge and one-of-a-kind styles of your favorite chic boutique.

This fashion oasis on the web is called Meinto where you can find the best clothes that are fashion-forward but aren’t pieces you see everyday. Not only does Meinto have an amazing set of people who use their expertise to select the best boutiques and the best brands, but they also have unbeatable customer care, which parallels the intimate hospitality you would get if you walked into your friendly neighborhood boutique. When you find an article of clothing on their site, like the Light Taupe Silk Blouse from Waverly Grey, you can see what boutique this item of clothing comes from, where it is located, different angled photographs of the garment, and several options for ordering. You are easily able to see what other items from that same brand are also offered on the site and whether or not there are any available reviews.

The best part about Meinto is the consolidation of the best boutiques onto one site. I don’t have to wait until I go on vacation to shop the best boutiques of New York or Miami anymore. I can simply go to Meinto, type in a zip code, and it will show me what boutiques from that area are offered on their site. I now don’t have to rely on department store websites to order clothes that I will most likely see on many people walking down the street. I can instead express my personal style with pizazz and flare through the inspirational boutique pieces from Meinto, all while learning about new boutiques across the country.

If that wasn’t fabulous enough, Meinto is currently hosting a contest at The grand prize will be a $1000 Meinto gift card chosen randomly from those who enter from today up until March 19, 2012. Trust me this – this is a prize to die for! Happy boutique shopping!

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