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Balenciaga Motorcyle Leather Jacket WISHLIST

on June 25th, 2013
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Classic Biker Jacket by Balenciaga Balenciaga Motorcyle Leather Jacket WISHLIST - 
The holy grail of leather jackets is the Balenciage motorcycle leather jacket. Every supermodel owns the Balenciage leather motorcycle jacket and there is a good reason why. The jacket is an iconic classic that will last for years to come. Think of how it brings an outfit together.

You have seen it on celebrities like Victoria Beckham who wears something new everyday, but time and time again you will see her take out her trusty Balenciaga motorcycle leather jacket and pair it with black skinny jeans, ultra high 6 inch platform pumps, and a Chanel classic flap bag. Others like a supermodel will wear the Balenciaga motorcycle leather jacket with a scarf, sunglasses, skinny jeans and a tote bag. You can even wear this jacket with a dress. However you wear it, the leather jacket is a statement piece. Nothing more to say. It is just the coolest.

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