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Pretty in Pink Blazers from the Olsen Twins

on September 12th, 2012
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This past season was all about pinks and turquoise and I loved every minute of it. This fall Chanel is still playing with lilac in their classic flap bag and many designers are mixing their darks with their pastels. The menswear trend is still showing up in the fall collections and one of the best out there is the Elizabeth and James collection by the Olsen twins. They played with textures, prints, and fabrics this season and came up in spades with menswear inspired jackets, ankle boots and skirts. IF you are thinking about what you will be wearing to see The Great Gatsby this Christmas starring Leonardo DiCaprio I suggest you invest in some Elizabeth and James.

One of my favorites from this past season was their pink blazer jackets in a shocking pink and ballerina slipper pink. They played with colors, but still created a menswear inspired well tailored jacket. You may think it is fall and you should be buying new Elizabeth and James and I agree, but I also think you should buy these great colored jackets to wear with your dark colors for fall on those rainy days when you need a pick me up. Also, by March after all the snow, slush, and rain, you will want to wear a bit of color again and pine for Spring to return.

Elizabeth and James pink blazer on sale from $395 for $276. Buy it now.

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